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Body measurements of famous actresses, their bra size, height, weight and much more…

Daniella Pineda

Gorgeous actress Daniella Pineda became famous in 2018 as Zia in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. But she had some big roles before that. Pineda’s petite figure and youhfull face make her appear younger but she is currentl 31. Daniella wears 34B bra size and she is 5′ 5″ tall. She has a Mexican ancestry. Continue reading

Gloria Reuben

Popular actress and singer Gloria Reuben rose to prominence in 1990’s with daring roles in movies like Indiscreet and Wild Orchid II: Two Shades of Blue. And although she is in her mid-fifties, Reuben maintains enviable body measurements. She wears 34D bra size and weighs 125 pounds. Her ancestry is half African and half Jewish but both of their parents move to Canada from Jamaica. Continue reading

Jessica Green

Young Australian model and actress Jessica Green possesses gorgeous bikini body with hourglass-shaped curves. She wears 34D bra size and her bust is all natural. Green doesn’t have breast implants. As you can see from her countless bikini photos, Green can be proud of her flat toned stomach but her piercing blue eyes are probably her best asset. Continue reading

Cindy Morgan

Cindy Morgan’s film career started in early 1980’s with cult movies Tron and Caddyshack. She didn’t avoid some very revealing scenes in the latter. Her slim hourglass figure with attractive measurements definitely helped her steep rise to the fame. Morgan wore 32C bra size and weighed 126 pounds. Continue reading

Andrea Bordeaux

Beauiful young actress Andrea Bordeaux is probably most famous as Special Agent Harley Hidoko from the television crime series NCIS: Los Angeles. But the best opportunity to check closely on her hot hourglass-shaped measurements was in a 2014 movie My Man Is a Loser where she appeared in a bar scene with her female friends. All of them were wearing only bras. Bordeaux is quite petite with her 5’ and 3” of height and weighing 108 pounds. Continue reading

Valerie Perrine

Popular actress Valerie Perrine started her career in 1970’s with major roles in Lenny and Slaughterhouse-Five which both include pretty revealing scenes. Perrine’s hourglass shaped body with attractive measurements gained her numerous fans. Perrine wore 34C bra size and weighed 122 pounds. She kept her figure in a great shape also in 1980’s and 1990’s and posed for some daring photo shoots. Continue reading

Kim Raver

Popular American actress Kim Raver has a stunning slim body. Her attractive measurements are example of a banana body type. Raver’s figure stood out in one of Grey’s Anatomy scenes where she appeared in a revealing scene, wearing only black demi bra with sheer trim. Raver wears a 34B bra size and she weighs 127 pounds. Even approaching fifty, Kim maintains a great shape. Continue reading

Eloise Smyth

Previously almost unknown British actress Eloise Smyth gained a lot of public attention since her debut in a television show Harlots. This beautiful young blonde wears frequently corsets on this historic series. This type of outfit enhances her 34B bra size. Smyth has a slim banana body type with slender features. Continue reading

Jessica Brown Findlay

Beautiful British star Jessica Brown Findlay plays currently Charlotte Wells in a popular TV series Harlots. As she wears often a revealing corset on this show, her fans wonder what are her body measurements. Findlay can be proud of her hourglass-shaped figure with a natural 34C bra size. Probably the best opportunity to check closely on her perfect curves was on 2012 show Labyrinth. Continue reading

Samantha Morton

Attractive English actress Samantha Morton is currently known as Margaret Wells from a television show Harlots. This role requires her to wear padded corset very often that further outlines her full assets. Morton’s measurements are giving her body a nice hourglass shape. Samantha wears 34D bra size and she weighs 128 pounds. Her curves are all natural. Continue reading