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Lizzy Wurst

Internet sensation Lizzy Wurst is only 19 years old but she already gained millions of fans. Wurst has pretty slender figure with so called banana body type. She wears 34B bra size but often shows online in push-up bra which makes her assets looks much bigger. In recent YouTube post, Wurst announced her intention to get breast implants. We don’t know whether she was serious about it but many fans in comments section tried to convince her not to. Continue reading

Elle Johnson

Elle Johnson is an American model who caused quite a stir after she was banned on Instagram for as she put it “being too hot” but the official reason was that her pictures were violating user agreement. Johnson wears 32DD bra size and her extreme hourglass shape is definitely enhanced through plastic surgery. Breast implants or not, Elle’s measurements are definitely something Continue reading

Chloe Ayling

British model Chloe Ayling got into media spotlight in summer 2017 when she was kidnapped in Italy. Although there was a lot of controversy around this case, it certainly boosted her popularity on Instagram. Ayling doesn’t have a problem with showing a lot from her hourglass shaped curvaceous figure. Her measurement sare quite impressive. Chloe wears 34DD bra size and her assets are natural. No breast implants or other augmentation surgery. Continue reading

Tana Mongeau

Young YouTuber Tana Mongeau amassed over 2.6 million subscribers in a short amount of time. Tana shows to her fans a lot from her gorgeous body measurements also on Instagram where she often posts photos of herself in tiny bikini. Mongeau wears 32D bra size and weighs 117 pounds. Her distinctive hourglass body type is definitely one of her best assets. Continue reading

Anna Faith

Attractive blonde Anna Faith became internet sensation thanks to her cosplaying. In this hobby, having gorgeous measurements certainly pays off. And Anna Faith can be proud of her hourglass shaped figure with 32DD bra size. Her curves are all natural, she doesn’t have breast implants or other type of cosmetic surgery. She weighs 124 pounds and looks great in any costume. Continue reading

Keilah Kang

Keilah Kang gained a lot of attention thanks to her Instagram account keilah.k which amassed over 730 thousand followers. In most posts, Kang is showing her distinctive hourglass body type with almost incredible measurements. Kang wears 32D bra size and despite natural D cups she has a very slim waist. Keilah doesn’t have breast implants or other type of augmentation surgery. This beauty definitely has a future in bikini modeling, Continue reading

Malu Trevejo

Rising social media star Malu Trevejo is mostly famous for her Instagram account which amassed incredible 3.9 million followers. Trevejo wears 32B bra size and her height is 5’4″. But bear in mind she is a teenager and still growing fast so these numbers will keep changing pretty fast. Continue reading

Tessa Brooks

Young attractive vlogger Tessa Brooks is famous mostly for her YouTube channel which amassed over 2.7 million subscribers. From time to time, she shares on social media also photo of her bikini body. Brooks wears 34B bra size and her height is 5 feet and 7 inches. Her measurements looked great when she arrived at 2016 Radio Disney Music Awards in a pink tank top. Continue reading

Janni Deler

Swedish fashion and lifestyle blogger Janni Deler gained millions of fans on social media. She is sharing also bikini photos, flaunting her incredible body measurements and toned tummy. Deler’s height is 5 feet and seven inches as she once reviewed in comments section of her website. She wears 34B bra size and possess slender banana shaped figure. Continue reading

Baby Ariel

Social media star Baby Ariel gained most of her popularity thanks to app. With her height being only 5’ 2”, Baby Ariel is quite petite. However, she posses curvaceous hourglass shaped figure. Baby Ariel wears 36C bra size and weighs 122 pounds. she isn’t shy and from time to time posts a selfie in bikini, flaunting her gorgeous measurements. Continue reading