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Measurements of the hottest supermodels, their cup size, weight, height and much more…

Alissa Violet

Instagram model Alissa Violet has gorgeous body measurements. She’s slim but still has some feminine curves. Violet weighs 122 pounds and wears 32B bra size. Her height and other measurements are in the chart below. Alissa’s Instagram account is full of revealing pics. Countless bikini shot for one. And even her Halloween cat costume with ears, garters, and corset. She also started her own Youtube channel. Continue reading

Brooke Buchanan

One of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2017 Casting Calls brought to the spotlight gorgeous blond Brooke Buchanan from Ohio. We hope she makes the cut this year becase her bikini body is just incredible. Brooke has relatively large natural breasts, flat tummy, and round hips. Basically an hourglass body type at it’s best. Buchanan wears 34C bra size and weighs 127 pounds. Her measurements are all natural, she doesn’t have silicone breast implants or other type of cosmetic surgery. Continue reading

Danielle Maltby

Attractive neonatal nurse and model Danielle Maltby is one of the new contestants on 21st season of The Bachelor. This TV dating show presents 30 eligible beauties fighting over one men – Nick Viall. And Maltby certainly isn’t without chance. Tall and slim Danielle has so called banana body type with smaller breasts, flat tummy, and long legs. Maltby wears 32A bra size and weighs 129 pounds. Continue reading

Angela Amezcua

Model Angela Amezcua works also as an office manager and teen and advanced instructor in modeling agency Millie Lewis. She became famous in early 2017 as one of the contestants on TV dating show The Bachelor where she competed for Nick’s heart. Amezcua has an amazing bikini body which shouldn’t surprise us because of her profession. Her measurements are nice example of slim hourglass body type with natural firm breasts. She doesn’t have breast augmentation implants. Angela wears 34C bra size and weighs 127 pounds. Continue reading

Debbe Dunning

Debbe Dunning caught a lot of public attention with her perfect bikini body in 1990’s when she posed for swimsuit calendar. Today, she’s over 50 years old and her body measurements barely changed. Dunning wears 36C bra size and maintains slim waist. Her figure has attractive hourglass shape. We would love to know her diet and workout routine. Continue reading

Paige Mobley

Beautiful young actress and model Paige Mobley is still at the beginning of her career. And her presence in America’s Next Top Model might catapult her among celebrities. Mobley has slim yet feminine figure. Her body measurements deserve closer look. Mobley wears 32B bra size and is almost six feet tall, five feet and eleven and half inches to be exact. Her Instagram account proves she has a perfect bikini figure. Continue reading

Justine Biticon

Slim model Justine Biticon got into media spotlight just recently as one of the contestants on a new series of popular reality show America’s Next Top Model. Her body measurements are just delicious and from what picture’s she’s posing on her Instagram account, it looks like she’s most proud of her rounds ass cheeks. Biticon has definitely a chance to win the contest. Continue reading

Antje Utgaard

Hot model and Instagram celebrity Antje Utgaard lives in LA, California but has Swedish and Norwegian ancestry. Her body measurements are incredible example of curvaceous hourglass body shape with large natural breasts, slim waist, and round hips. Utgaard wears 36DD bra size and despite how ample her assets are, she doesn’t have breast implants or other type of breast augmentation. Thanks to her curves and other resemblance, she’s sometimes dubbed “the next Kate Upton”. Continue reading