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Measurements of TV and Reality Stars, their bra size, weight, shoe size and more…

Tomi Lahren

Youn conservative commentator Tomi Lahren is known to have attractive petite figure. Her body measurements could be described as banan body type with small natural breasts, slim waist, and small hips. Lahren weihs 110 lbs and wears B cups, 32B bra size to be more specific. She dresses pretty conservatively, so don’t expect to find any revealing photos of this handsome gal. Continue reading

Kate Bolduan

Beautiful CNN moderator Kate Bolduan has many fans. Her body measurements are nice example of hourglass shape. Bolduan wears 36B bra size and is five feet and seven inches tall. She’s always elegantly dressed and often wears mini skirt, showing her perfectly shaped legs. During her studies, Bolduan played for women’s volleyball team. Continue reading

Lindsay Hubbard

Beautiful Lindsay Hubbard is one of the hot ladies from new reality television show Summer House. But this one isn’t single. Everett Weston is dating co-star Everett Weston. They are both pretty dominant personalities so we expect some drama. Hubbard weighs 124 pounds and wears 34B bra size. Her slim body measurements are example of so called banana body shape. Continue reading

Lauren Wirkus

Hot Lauren Wirkus is one of single ladies in new reality series Summer House. That means she’s open to dating and/or just having fun. Wirkus definitely can catch men’s eye. This coluptusou blonde has distinctive hourglass shape with large natural breasts, slim waist, and round hips. Although she wears 36D bra size, Wirkus doesn’t have silicone breast implants or other type of augmentation surgery. Her amazing body measurements are result of a good genes, proper diet and some work out. Continue reading

Jaclyn Shuman

Fitting model Jaclyn Shuman is one of the main cast members of new reality TV show Summer House. And she definitely belongs to those with most stunning body measurements. Shuman is works out hard and it’s visible. She has flat stomach with visible abs. She wears 34C bra size and weighs 128 pounds. Some of her photos on Instagram are truly gorgeous. Continue reading

Cristina Gibson

Cristina Gibson is working as a freelance reporter and while she often reports on social events and parties, she wants to have even more of those on weekends. She spends them on Montauk beach in Hamptons summer house. Gibson looks astonishing in bikini. She wears 34B bra size and and weighs 129 pounds. Her body measurements are a proof that she takes great care of her body. We hope to see more of her on the new reality show on Bravi channel. Continue reading