Bonnie Somerville

Although famous mostly as an actress and singer, Bonnie Somerville was scouted by a modeling scout and started her career in a show business as a model (she waited tables before). Somerville’s measurements are giving her slim body with hourglass shape. Bonnie wears 32C bra size and weighs 119 pounds. A lot from her attractive features was revealed in 2005 when she posed for Stuff magazine, wearing various underwear, such as dotted balconette bra and matching low-waist panties. Continue reading

Vanessa Ferlito

Hot American actress Vanessa Ferlito doesn’t avoid even provocative photo shoots. Once, she posed wearing only thin white tank top and white lace panties. Ferlito weighs 126 pounds and wears 34B bra size. Her figure is slim but she still has some nice feminine hourglass shaped curves. Her body measurements were nicely visible in movie Undefeated. Continue reading

Tomi Lahren

Youn conservative commentator Tomi Lahren is known to have attractive petite figure. Her body measurements could be described as banan body type with small natural breasts, slim waist, and small hips. Lahren weihs 110 lbs and wears B cups, 32B bra size to be more specific. She dresses pretty conservatively, so don’t expect to find any revealing photos of this handsome gal. Continue reading

Barbi Benton

Barbi Benton is an actress and singer but mostly known as a model who enchanted most men in 1970’s and 1980’s. She didn’t hesitate to pose even in her birthday suit. Her gorgeous hourglass shaped figure was certainly nothing to be ashamed of. Her body measurements were all natural and although she had large firm breasts, she never had breast implants. Benton wore 34C bra size back in those days and today posses DD cups. Continue reading

Kellyanne Conway

Presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway is 50 year old but maintains ravishing figure. Her body measurements are nice example of hourglass shape. Conway wears 34C bra size and weighs 132 pounds. She often wears stylish short-sleeve dresses. As a conservative political pundit, she was among young and attractive women that entered this field in 1990’s. Continue reading

Debbie Reynolds

Debbie Reynolds with her petite figure was an idol of many men, especially back in 1960’s. Her attractive body measurement were a superb example of slim hourglass body back then. Reynolds weighed 112 pounds and wore 32B bra size. Very slim waist was trendy and most of the swimwear she posed for photos highlighted this asset of her figure. Continue reading

Sommer Ray

Instagram model Sommer Ray became very popular online especially thanks to her attractive body measurements. She has distinctive pear body shape with small natural breasts and large buttocks. No wonder she poses mostly in thong monokini and elastic leggings to show off her asset. Ray weighs according to her modeling profile 120 pounds and wears 32B bra size. Continue reading