Samara Weaving

Australian model turned actress Samara Weaving recently appeared in movie The Babysitter and TV show SMILF. Looking at her slim toned figure it is not hard to understand why she is in a modeling industry. Her bikini body has a flawless measurements and attractive hourglass shape. Weaving weighs 118 pounds and wears 34C bra size. Television show Home and Away presents nicely her curves in swimwear scenes. Samara is wearing there only blue triangle bikini with side tie string bottom. Continue reading

Frankie Shaw

Young actress Frankie Shaw got into the spotlight after she recently appeared in the lead role of television series SMILF. Her daring role of Bridgette will surely make a lot of fans. Shaw isn’t shy about her figure and why would she. Her measurements look great. Frankie wears 34A bra size and has a nice flat stomach. And she is mother in a real life two. Shaw gave birth to her son in 2008. Continue reading

Louisa Krause

Successful Hollywood actress Louisa Krause recently became even more famous when she got the main role in the second season of the TV series The Girlfriend Experience. Krause posses slender measurements that are giving her body so called banana body type. She wears 34B bra size and is 5’5″ tall. We can’t wait to see her talent in her new role. Continue reading

Lina Esco

Popular American actress Lina Esco has a very attractive figure and isn’t afraid to show it even outside of the movie screen. Esco is involved in various women’s right movements, including the one that is figting for the right to be undressed in public. Lina weighs 128 pounds and wears 34C bra size (that’s when she wears a bra). Her measurements can be seen closely for example on the television show Kingdom. Her breasts are perfectly shaped but they are in fact natural. Esco doesn’t have breast implants or other type of cosmetic surgery. Continue reading

Haley Kalil

Gorgeous bikini model Haley Kalil represented Minnesota on Miss USA 2014. Kalil’s body measurements are a perfect example of slender hourglass shaped figure. She wears 34C bra size and doesn’t have breast implants or other type of breast augmentation surgery. Haley’s fit body with toned belly even got her to Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue for the year 2018. Continue reading

Camila Mendes

Young American actress Camila Mendes is of Brazilian ancestry. She rose to the prominence in 2017 as Veronica Lodge in a new series Riverdale. She is only 5′ 2″ tall and wears 34C bra size. Her measurements are an awesome example of hourglass body type. We believe she has a big future in the television industry. Continue reading