Jeanine Mason

Young actress Jeanine Mason is currently starring as Liz Ortecho in a TV series Roswell, New Mexico. She also attended CW Network Upfront Presentation in 2018 and chose a stunning blue low-cut dress that highlighted her attractive hourglass figure with perfect body measurements. Mason wears a 34C bra size and doesn’t have breast implants. Continue reading

Ashley Newbrough

Popular actress Ashley Newbrough is famous mostly for her appearance in various romantic movies and TV shows. When she showed her perfect body in a bikini scene in Privileged, many of her fans became curious about her measurements. Newbrough wears a 36B bra size and her perfect shapes are all work of nature, she doesn’t have breast implants or other type of plastic surgery. Continue reading

Lily Cowles

Beautiful blonde Lily Cowles is an offspring of two famous actors, Matthew Cowles and Christine Baranski. But in 2019 she started to making the name for herself as she is starring now in a TV show Roswell, New Mexico as Isobel Evans-Bracken. This attractive girl has some enviable body measurements. Cowles weighs 141 pounds and wears a 36D bra size. While attending 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards party, Cowles appeared in a light blue low-cut nightgown that accentuated her natural assets. Continue reading

May Yassine

May Yassine is one of the stars on a new reality television show Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club that is tracking the lives of top employees (also “Ambassadors”) of this high-end Greek vacation establishment. People running this nightclub are all very attractive and Yassine is no exception. She wears a 34C bra size and her body measurements are nice example of slender and sensual pear body type. She can rock any tight dress or nightgown. Continue reading

Margaret Nolan

Margaret Nolan is a former famous actress and glamour model. Her career peaked in 1960’s and 1970’s. Her distinctive hourglass body shape consisted of stunning measurements. Nolan wore a 36D bra size and weighed 135 pounds. She did number of lingerie photoshoots and so we can admire her beauty today as well. She did not have a plastic surgery. Continue reading

Charlotte Best

Australian actress Charlotte Best possesses a gorgeous bikini body with perfect hourglass shape measurements. Most Americans will probably know her as a main character Calliope from Tidelands since Netflix recently picked up this Australian show where Charlotte plays half-siren. Best wears a 34D bra size and she doesn’t have breast implants or some other breast enlargement surgery. Her assets are all natural. Continue reading

Margaret Qualley

Rising star Margaret Qualley is a daughter of famous actress Andie MacDowell but her career took off thanks to Margaret’s own acting talent. She is also very beautiful and most recently appeared in a sci-fi movie from Netflix production titled IO where she played main character Sam Walden. Qualley has fit measurements. She weighs 129 pounds and wears a 34B bra size. Continue reading

Amy Rutberg

Charming American actress Amy Rutberg is currently starring for example as Marci Stahl in a TV show Daredevil. In this role her bust looks bigger than usual but we don’t think Amy got breast implants recently. She is probably just wearing a push up bra. Her bra size is 34B and she is 5’ 5.5” tall. Her slim figure can be described as a banana body type. Continue reading

Brianne Howey

Rising actress Brianne Howey also posed for Maxim magazine in various swimwear. This photoshoot is a real tribute to Howey’s perfect bikini body with flat stomach and stunning curves. Brianne wears a 34B bra size and is 5’ 6” tall. Best role to check out on her measurements is definitely Scream Queens where she appears in a white lace lingerie set. Continue reading