Perfect Woman Body

Although an opinion on what is considered an ideal female figure varies across time and culture, there are some universal attributes associated with the perfect woman body. Most of them are applied subconsciously.

In the following article we are going to describe the most important of female characteristics. When woman has most features mentioned below, she is perceived as attractive. Whether your ideal looks like Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Aniston.

Breast size

On the ideal breast size, there is no consensus. Men tend to overestimate the bust size they desire in women and Western civilization in general promotes rather bigger breasts. However attractiveness is almost always assessed to the perfect balance in the size of the bust and hips, while waist is visibly thinner. This is so-called hourglass figure.

Breast shape

I fact, the shape of breasts is more important than their size. As a symbol of youth, firm bust is more desired than saggy. Firm shape is commonly called ‘perky breasts’. If woman has smaller cup size, there should be no fold under her breasts (famous ‘pencil test’). However from certain sizes, small fold is inevitable in order to look natural. The bigger the breasts the bigger fold under them is still not considered unattractive. Shape also changes depending on posture of woman.

What escapes most people’s attention is the so-called ‘breast ratio’. Researchers discovered that the upper half of breast should make 45% of the total breast volume and a lower half 55%. In practice, this means that even firm natural bust is without convex shape in upper half (woman without bra). Only while wearing a bra or other supportive lingerie, convex shape is present also on the upper half of breast. Nipples should point upwards at an slight angle of 20 degrees. But these are average values of attractive bust not strict criterias.

The 3 reason, why some breast implants don’t look natural
1 – Shape remains the same whether the woman is standing, lying or bending (unnatural firmness)
2 – Even big bust has no fold on the bottom (unnatural firmness)
3 – They look like big balls (ignoring natural breast ration)
More on how to recognize breast implants in this separate article

Hips and buttocks

Compared to a men, a women should have wider hips and bigger butt to look feminine. Once more, the shape is more important than size. Firm round butt cheeks are perceived sexually attractive. Often mentioned is the so-called ‘heart shaped ass’. Bottom curve of each cheek is rounded and in ideal case also inner curves are slightly rounded (give an impression that cheeks are pressing against each other). This results in buttocks having shape of inverted heart.


Flat belly is another proof of youth and fitness and therefore considered to be attribute of beauty. Slim waist is part of the ‘hourglass figure’ and unlike in men, there is really no need for having ‘six-pack’ lean muscles on it.


Long straight legs are perceived as attractive. There were many debates whether there should or shouldn’t be a gap between the thighs. But we are sure that you can find both cases to be attractive.


Unlike the body, perfect face measurements are in fact an average proportions. For example an eye to eye distance shouldn’t be too large nor too small. The same applies to other facial dimensions. This fact was confirmed by a University of Toronto study. And what are the ‘magic’ average values? If 100% is overall face width, distance between the centers of the eyes should be 46%. And if overall face height is 100% on our scale, distance between the center of mouth and center of eyes should be 36%. Several female celebrities are close to these number, e.g. Jessica Alba and Shania Twain.


Fact is that men really don’t need to have at home 100% perfect figure to be satisfied, so if you are a woman take this article more like an interesting facts than something you have to strive to achieve.